Sandeep Srivastava

Founder, Series Author, Educator

Learning ∝ Engagement; Engagement Relationship

Relationship with math is important to excel in math

Your child's success in math Your own believes and relationship with math!

 Unique math courses that build relationship with math

To built that relationship, everyone will have to learn math again, pre-school onwards! How else?

Why perfect10 Math is Magical, surreal?

How else could you describe something that takes 2500 years to materialise? Math - the operational language of the universe, and the only global human language - hasn't yet been written in 'popular math' format for children. Pertinently, the wheel of human evolution will be significantly accelerated (i.e., pace as well as direction) if every child succeeds in math!

We've created 'popular math' for entrire K - 12 curricula; falling in love and excelling in math is now just a matter of reading these books!


से बढो 


Maths as a Language - Rewiring the Story of Growth

Achieving the

By making Delhi the
First Math-literate
City in the world

Quickest path to Education Math

Creating an Egalitarian Society

Citizen-led Literacy Movement, for Change

Become a Math 

Ambassador, Today

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Believing in the thought that first change yourself then  change the system and then the world. Under the guidance of our respectable mentor Sandeep Srivastava , I understood his genuine approach to education and worked accordingly.

Pooja Chauhan

Can you answer 'how' before understanding 'what' and 'why'? No, you can't. But today's math teaching follows 'how' approach. Schools teach methods on 'how to solve a math’s problem' without explaining 'what' the problem is about or 'why' should it be solved. 

Praveen Malik

I have been teaching for 21 years in kindergarten and am very passionate about teaching. All these years I was satisfied with the way I taught my students. But last year, I started teaching math to Grade I. Our mentor Mr. Sandeep Srivastava guided us step by step.

Vandana Sehgal

Thank God, you didn't fall in love with math at school!

Schools teach computation, not math

You know parent’s role in math-denominated AI* world!

Self-taught K-10 math courses for you and children

*Artificially intelligent

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