The Founder

Sandeep may be the world’s most impactful educator. For relevant evidence, in one of its kind home-schooling he, with his wife, taught their only child till Grade XII (CIE A level, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English and Economics).

In what’s definitely world’s first, all Math, Science, Social science/EVS ‘text books’ from Pre-school to Grade X are written by him and his wife.

In another path-breaking innovation, he conceived and now nurtures world’s first next-gen schools – schools run by (highly educated) parents for their own children.

His latest creation is ‘Perfect10math’ which aims to create ‘7 billion math lovers by 2030’. It is the most ambitious developmental initiative in the history of humanity - to reach and influence every living person.

For the record, he’s educated at the best engineering and management institutions at home and abroad, and worked with global corporations within and outside India. More on him at


Krishan Tikoo


A co-founder, he leads the content quality team. An avid reader, he is very hands-on with math and science education.

Saloni Srivastava

Chief Of Content

A co-founder, she leads the curricular content team. A very widely read person, she is a discoverer and loves writing for children.

Gokul Krishanan

Product Manager

A graduate of IIT Roorkee, 2017 batch, he leads the math content review team. He loves math! He is already in a leadership role.

Learning philosophy

Our learning philosophy has come out of our experience with home schooling, running successful Parents School (two of them) and also completely remodeling learning in a reputed School.The method is rooted in forming real world connections, exploration of concepts deeply, de- abstraction and slowing down in this era of increasing speed.

Need For Perfect10 Math

The most pressing need is to take math out of present state of disfavor/obscurity/opaqueness and make it accessible and hence useful. We aim to include women and other marginalized learners to let them experience the joy of learning Math.

How did we do it?

My wife and I ended up ‘liberally educating’ our only child, in Delhi, India; ‘home-schooling’, ‘home-educating’, ‘unschooling’ etc. couldn’t capture the essence of her education at home. We ended up ‘teaching’ her towards academic distinction - ICE (O level, CIE), and AICE (A level, CIE) - all by ourselves. We re-discovered math, science, social science, art, music, design and such others - we saw all the subjects in entirely new perspectives; today, we have nearly 150+ books for K – 12, for all subjects.

The Math Masters Program

MMP (Math Masters Program) is designed for creating a population of Math lovers. It will re-found the base of Mathematics and open possibilities of happiness, impact and economics unimaginable till now. Everybody joining MMP starts at the same level (whether graduate or PHD) because it is NO METHOD Maths.

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