Proposed alterations to higher secondary math curriculum

We propose that math curriculum in higher secondary should have a big component of inter-disciplinary applications to establish math as a language of higher academics across subjects/disciplines – a very important fact about math and other disciplines, unknown to the vast majority of students.

To implement such an intent, we propose that math curriculum be split into two distinct curricula:

  1. Class XI – to focus on the concepts of math which are critical to understanding concepts across many other subjects, such as physics, sociology, psychology, music, design, and some everyday ‘higher math’ applications (such as data analysis).

b. Class XII – to focus on the concepts of math, across the various disciplines of math, to introduce the flavours of higher education math; we recommend that even class XII may not teach math for the sake of making students mathematicians and rather focus on curating an ensemble of math concepts from undergraduate math curricula but taught at introductory level.

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