Status of math education

It’s the one subject that breaks the ‘heart and back’ of children, not that the development of children in English language and ‘whole person development’ (e.g., music, art, sports) is usually any better. However, of the many reasons for mass-scale (and global) poor achievement level in Math, is the way math is planned for teaching.

Math teachers and resources are the least planned of all ‘subjects’; math education needs 100% transformation, NOW – not one practice, or resource, in math education need continue in our schools! For instance, math education is anything, but practice (to be true, math requires specific practice because it’s a language we don’t speak in routinre, but all subjects need equal practice to master them).

Math is all about learning to reason, ‘vividly see abstract things/phenomenon’ on the strength of logic; it’s a pair of eyes that’s comprehensively unique in its expanse and colours!

And what’s logic? Euler, has the best and simplest definition – the extent of logic in thinking is the extent of confidence in what one is saying! Thus, the more logical one is in what one says/believes, the more confident one is in saying/believing what one does. No more, and no less.

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