Math is a unique subject –

  1. it’s a language for all other subjects too (much like natural languages),
  2. it’s a universally common language, and
  3. it has the highest component of ways and means to sharpen logical thinking, reasoning abilities, as well as creative and critical thinking

Primary school years should focus on quantification, approximation, analogy and guess-and-verify as tools to mathematise situations; while abstraction, estimation, reduction to simpler situations may be focused upon in upper primary school.

For secondary and higher secondary we recommend the following:

  1. The entire arithmetic course and also the basic operations in algebra should be completed in the early middle school
  2. In secondary and higher secondary, the mathematical concepts must be taught in far more interrelated/integrated chapters and concepts
  3. In math education, memorisation of any kind is wasted time and effort
  4. Many concepts such as factorization, simplification, HCF, LCM, cross multiplication method must be introduced early and not assessed and evaluated by themselves; such concepts should be left to individual students to decide their application by them
  5. The math curricula for higher secondary must be reviewed as detailed elsewhere.

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